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Audio Slideshow: Auburn vs Alabama

The Audio Slideshow is titled Auburn vs Alabama, and it covers the Auburn vs Alabama women’s basketball game that took place on Feb. 27. It was senior night, with many of the players playing their last home game for the Tigers. Tyrese Tanner, the leading scorer and team captain, was one of those players. This slideshow takes you through the sights and sounds of a highly competitive game that Auburn pulled out in double ot.

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Michael Sam: What’s all the Fuss About?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you probably know about Michael Sam, or at least have heard of his name in the news. So who is Michael Sam? He’s a former Missouri All SEC defensive end and top NFl Draft prospect. That’s it? There’s got to be something else as to why people are talking about him, right? The fact that he’s one of the few college athletes to actually get a degree in this day and age? No. The fact that he helped Missouri to an SEC East title and appearance in the SEC Championship game? Nope, that was awhile back. The fact that he’s never been in trouble or has a blemish on his record? Nah, no one seems to care about that either. The fact that he came out and said he was gay? Hey we have a winner! But… why is that such a big deal though?

Michael Sam will now forever be known as the first football player to announce that he was gay. The timing of his announcement is curious since it’s right before the NFL Draft, and teams might shy away from getting him now. But why? Before this all came out he was hailed as a top defensive end coming out of college. Now teams might not even draft him, all because he’s gay? Does it bother the NFL and fans that much that a gay player can play what’s perhaps the manliest sport possible and dominate? Sam’s announcement has left polarizing opinions across the country about the future of gay athletes, but none of this should matter. People are acting like they’ve never heard or come across a gay person before. Many of them are just like you and me; in fact I’d say that many folks interact with gay people all the time and some don’t even know they are.

People need to stop looking at the fact that he’s gay (and proud of it) and look at the situation like this. Before his senior season he told the whole Missouri football team that he was gay, and the team had his back 100%. It was a situation that could’ve destroyed the locker room, but instead it only united the team together on route to an SEC East title in only Missouri’s second year in the SEC. If the players and coaches on that team could put the situation to rest as easily as they did then why can’t the rest of the world. Why can’t he be known for being a top tier defensive end instead of “the gay football player”? It’s sad because if he never came out then no one would know who he was outside of football fans. Michael Sam will be in the spotlight for the rest of his career now, but it will be for all the wrong reasons.