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The SEC is serious business

Just¬† wanted to post a quick video here about how serious some SEC fans are about their teams at times. This woman (who happens to be an Alabama fan)¬†apparently was only coming to the defense of her son against some Oklahoma fans when she went flying into them like a bat out of hell. What could compel a middle aged mom with a grown son to act out so violently in the middle of a football game? Well, the business of sports of course! The son (who goes to Alabama) was being taunted by Oklahoma fans because Alabama was losing badly against Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. Now it’s one thing when people trash talk each other about their teams, but it’s a whole another matter when the outcome of a football game (and a little bit of alcohol) cause an otherwise grown woman to do something like this.

Just shows the impact that sports has on fans of the SEC.