Soul Talks

This is a story about a man named Tre Wright who is in charge of a group called Soul Talks. I picked this story because Tre is a remarkable case of a man who was going down the wrong path but managed to turn his life around and become a servant of God. He uses the Soul Talks to help others better understand themselves and not travel down the path that he once did. I encountered problems with having to connect the story in order to make it flow without talking over it, as this was supposed to be an invisible reporter story. I had to make the tough decision to cut out a lot of good footage in order to fit the story I wanted to tell, as the good footage didn’t fit without me explaining it. For my next video project I would try and get more angles for my shots, as I feel like I could’ve gotten better ones than the few shots that I did get. Finally, here are two links with similar themes of triumph and redemption.

This one is about a man that tried to live life for a full year by interpreting The Bible as literal as possible.

This one is about a man who tells the deeper meaning behind the David and Goliath story.