Five Shot Sequence Video

This is just a little minute and a half video I composed of Arthur Bruce and Tre Wright throwing a football around for my five shot sequence project. What I had to do was shoot the football throwing action from a five shot series. They included: close-up of hands, close-up of face, wide shot, over-the shoulder shot and a creative shot that I could come up with on my own. I got the idea of editing the shots to promote continuity from the Poynter online article “How Journalists Can Improve Video Stories With Shot Sequences” by Casey Frechette. As for getting a better understanding of the sequence shots themselves I looked up a site recommended in Mark Briggs’ book, Journalism Next. 

The hardest sequence shot to film was definitely the close-up of hands. Since football is an active sport with hands they are constantly moving, making it difficult to get a clear shot of a person’s hands. For the creative shot I chose two things. The first was a type of moving shot where the camera was fixated on the ball as it was being thrown in the air. The second creative shot was the shot at the end, where I had the camera fixed in one position and caught Tre moving into the area where the camera was filming. In a larger news video I can remember how to edit these types of shots to make the action seem continuous for a potential story.


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